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Burning garbage - Updated 1/7/2019.  Effective March 5, 2019 no outside burning will be allowed within the bourgh.
Reason:  Unlawful burning is both a nuisance for your neighbors and an EPA health hazard.  Residents who witness burning violations are asked to contact the borough office, 570-758-3264.  Or, complete an Online Complaint Form and turn in to the Borough Office, or give to your Council Member, or Mayor.

Water Encroachment Inspection Report - 1/30/2019.  The committee chair for street systems provided this report regarding water encroachment inspection from January 2019.

Compost Dump Usage - Updated 4/1/2019.  Herndon Borough continues to offer accompanied access to their compost dump.  Anyone who wishes to bring their yard debris must prior coordinate by contacting any current Council Member, Mayor, or borough employee.  Use the weblinks to the left of this page for their contact information.

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